alive and…nearly sane

As I told my best friend earlier today, my brain has been like a whirlwind of torrential insanity these past couple of days. For anyone wondering what on earth that means…yeah, I have no idea, either. Christmas has come and gone, the decorations have been taken down (except for in my room, of course), and time almost seems to have stopped. Christmas this year was a strange event. It’s not that anything was really any different than it ever has been: my crazy family came together, ate pie, sang carols, exchanged presents, and actually managed to keep the Christmas carnage down to a minimum. But, experiencing Christmas as an “adult” is…thought provoking. I would try to take the time to better explain what I mean, but it’s not something I can really put into words. Besides, I’m sure my philosophical musings wouldn’t be nearly entertaining as, well, anything else. Back to my torrential insanity…

If you live in Oklahoma, you know that the weather is….well, very bipolar. Take these past few days, for example. Friday, Christmas Day, was nice, sunny, and cool. Saturday, I woke up to a thunderstorm that lasted most of the day. And, Sunday, the snow queen decided to pay a visit and blast us with ice and snow. Most of the town, well, most of the state, actually, was without power for quite a while, and some still are. Luckily, I was only without power for about 24 hours. But let me tell you, I have never been more thankful for electricity in all my life. I have never been more restless and stir crazy than I have been these past few days. At least I now have the internet to entertain me for a while. There’s nothing like an ice storm and a power outage to show how truly dependent you are on all things electric. When the lights first went out on Sunday afternoon, I thought I would be a pro at living in pioneer times for a while. Boy, was I wrong. At least I got the opportunity to pleasure read, something that I have sorely missed this past semester. Though, I don’t recommend trying to read by candlelight. I also got to enjoy getting some use out of our fireplace, and making baby s’mores using mini marshmallows, mini chocolate bars, and a candle.

Now, I get to spend the next couple of weeks preparing for, a.k.a. majorly stressing out about, my final year of college. Yay, me.

TIny tim
If you’ve never seen The Muppet Christmas Carol, you’re Christmas experience is incomplete.

P.S. I’d like to give a shout out to all those who were affected by Winter Storm Goliath. It stretched across a few states, and, though I don’t know the full extent of the damage, we should all send a quick prayer or spare a thought for those who may have been seriously injured or affected.