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better things ahead

You know all those shows about broke twenty-somethings whose desperation, horrible luck, and constant threat of mental breakdowns lead to a world of chaos? Never have I understood those wrecks called human beings better than I do now.

I am officially done with school. After 16 years, it feels kind of weird, but it’s also the greatest feeling in the world. No more research papers? No more depressing novels? No tests? Yes, please. But, with this great weight lifted off my shoulders, I now have room for a plethora of new problems. No job + No money = No fun.

Looking for a job is a lot harder than I thought it would be. Of course, I didn’t assume it was going to be easy, but I wasn’t expecting this. Half the time I feel like I’m going insane. The other half is spent in my pajamas binge watching Netflix and trying to resist the giant chocolate bar sitting on my side table.

With 2016 behind me, with a shiny medal for “Worst Year Yet,” I can only hope that there are better things ahead. Either way, 2017 is definitely going to be one to remember. It’s destiny. Assuming I don’t spend the entire year jobless, I can  look forward to starting a new job, moving out of my parents house (Hallelujah!), and basically figuring out who I am as a person. When you’re the youngest child out of ten, and you’ve spent your entire life living in the same house, in the same small town, with the same people, it’s easy to lose sight of who you are.

For now, all I can do is wait. It’s the most frustrating feeling in the world. At least I have plenty of time to prepare myself for the black hole that is adulthood. Wish me luck.


free no more

Hello all!

You forgot about me didn’t you? That’s okay. I almost forgot about you too. Sorry. It took some prodding from my best friend and my sister/fellow blogger* to pull me out of my blogger’s slump. Plus, today seemed like a good day to start writing again.

Since it’s been a while, I thought I should catch you up on things.

First off: my sister finally got married! I can now put “Successful Maid of Honor” on my resume.

Second: My summer didn’t go quite as planned. I still don’t know how to play the piano. I still have a long list of projects waiting to be done. And, as you know, it’s been weeks since my last post. I have a bad habit of making a ton of plans, and then getting distracted by other things.

I wonder what that says about me? (Please don’t answer that question.)

Lastly: Summer is officially over. I am once again a slave to my education. Today was the first day of my last semester at college. Yep. You read that right folks. In 116 days and counting I will be an unofficial official adult. It’s a pretty scary thought, really. Well, at least for the adult world. I don’t think they’re ready for me.

Although I’ll be drowning in star charts, ancient literature, 18th C. novels, and research papers over the next few months, I’ll make sure to pop in every once in a while. But, for now, it is time for bed. Being around so many people all day is exhausting.

*Check out my sister’s awesome blog, Beauty and the Mess, here.