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figures in the sky

When I walked outside today, I thought I was just going to be facing yet another terribly unforgiving hot summer day. I donned a pair of my many sunglasses and prepared myself for the inevitable running of sweat down my back and the glaring of the sun in my eyes. What I did not expect were the clouds. The biggest, fluffiest, most wonderful clouds in the whole world. The kind that look like cotton candy. The kind that make you feel like you’ve been transported to a fairy tale world. The kind with hidden figures waiting to be found.

They filled the sky, and they filled my heart.

To a normal person, this may seem a tad melodramatic. And those normal people would be completely right. I just can’t help it. They’re just so beautiful! All I wanted to do when I saw them was lay out in the lawn and spend my afternoon gazing into the sky. But, I didn’t do that. It’s too hot out, and there are bugs, and my pale vampire-like skin burns like crazy. So I just had to content myself with snapping as many photos as possible and gazing out the window.

I’ve always loved cloudy days. They just make my heart feel so happy and light. One of my favorite things to do when I was little was to just sit and watch the clouds float along, to search for hidden figures in the sky. Cloud gazing got me through many a road trip with the family. Is it something I still like to do today? Yes. Absolutely. There is nothing I like better. I’ve seen dragons breathing white flames, mermaids fighting giant squid, bouquets of flowers, great sailing ships, even a random detached arm flexing it’s biceps. If you’ve never cloud gazed, then you are seriously missing out.

The only thing I love more than cloudy days are rainy days. And snowy days, but we’re not gonna talk about that right now.

I’ve been called many a thing for my love of clouds. And rain. And massive thunderstorms. I’ve been called odd. Depressing. Weird. Really? Is liking rain that bad? Do you really enjoying hearing your flesh sizzle from the unhindered heat of the sun? Do you really like having your sweat glands turned on like faucets? Cause I don’t.

I prefer feeling the cool breeze of a rainstorm dance across my skin. Seeing that soft blanket of white and gray cover the sky. Listening to the patter of rain on glass windows, and smelling the richness of the earth as it hits the ground. I even like the black clouds that broil on the horizon when a thunderstorm is brewing. I like the little rivers of water that form in the streets, the brilliant flashes of lightning that trace their patterns across the sky, and the intense clapping of thunder that makes you believe, just for a second, that the sky might break apart.

If that makes me depressing, so be it. I’ll take a gray sky over a blue sky any day.

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