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Although I haven’t enjoyed constantly hearing about “Pumpkin Spice this” and “Pumpkin Spice that,” I cannot deny how much I love fall. Although winter is my absolute favorite season of the year, fall is a very close second.

Fall means cool breezes, crunchy leaves, cozy cardigans, and scarves galore! There is just something about pumpkins, and changing leaves, and chilly air that just makes my heart warm. To be honest, fall makes me just plain giddy! And, for someone who’s normally a pessimist, that’s saying a lot.

Not to mention that it is keeper of two of the best holidays of the year: my birthday and Halloween. I always get excited for Halloween, even though it’s not socially acceptable for me to get dressed up and trick or treat anymore.

Yesterday’s October photo challenge was movie, which is kind of fitting. Even though I always hate myself for it, I have a bad habit of watching a ton of scary movies during the Halloween season. Growing up with a bunch of older siblings, I am familiar with many of the classic 80s horror movies. And, I don’t mean those gross, slasher, crazy person movies that play on TV nonstop during October. To show what I mean, I’ve provided a list of some of my favorite Halloween movies, the ones I grew up watching with my crazy, scary movie obsessed siblings.

These are my ingredients for a successful Halloween movie marathon, plus plenty of candy corn and chocolate:

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

Garfield’s Halloween Adventure


Hocus Pocus

House on Haunted Hill

The Changeling

Monster Squad

Lady in White

Watcher in the Woods

The Conjuring

Woman in Black