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where there are octobers

Hello, fellow night owls. I’m back! I have been off traversing on a grand adventure to the forests of South America and the ancient cities of Europe. Well, at least in my mind. In reality, I have been stuck in a little cramped space filled with college exams and covered with tissues. I realized this week that it has been almost a month since my last blog post! I was astonished when I discovered this, and I’ve decided that I must have slipped through some sort of twilight zone for a while. However, I am back from that strange place, and I am on the mend from the horrible cold that has been hanging over my head like a little black rain cloud. Now, I can catch you up on what has been happening in my strange little head these past few weeks.

As I said, I must have slipped through some sort of twilight zone. How else could it already be October? But, I am not going to complain. October is the best of the months. As Anne Shirley said,


(Photo via Pinterest)


Now, there are many reasons to award October as the best of the months, but these three are the most important: first, it is my birthday month (yay!); second, October means the semester is halfway over; and third, it is the beginning of the greatest time of the year. By the greatest time of the year, I of course mean the season of holidays and decorations! My room is already littered with Fall and Halloween decorations waiting to be put up.

As I went about my normal October duties (a.k.a. decorating my room and preparing for the upcoming holiday season), I decided to do something new. This month, I am going to participate in a 31 Day Photo Challenge. Why am I doing this? Well, this October I will be 21 years old, which is a pretty big deal, at least to me. So, I decided that the every day wonderfulness of this October deserved to be captured. Plus, I’ve just always liked taking pictures, capturing the little things in my life that make it special, both the pretty and the plain. And it doesn’t hurt that I’ll be getting a chance to practice my photography and editing skills, such as they are.

Some people use a specific Photo Challenge list, usually something they were tagged in on Facebook or Instagram. I’m sure you know the ones I’m talking about. Anyways, after perusing Pinterest for a while, I realized I didn’t really like any one specific Challenge list. They all had both good ideas and not so good ideas. So, instead, I am going to cheat a little: I am going to take the ideas from a few of the lists I looked at to make my very own October Photo Challenge list day by day. It should be fun! Hopefully, I will remember to log on every few days and post my newest photos, along with the categories for each, so keep an eye out! But, for now, here are the photos that I have taken so far (click on picture to see a larger image):

October 1-4

P.S.- The someone special is my best friend, Sarah. I’m sure you’ll be hearing more about her later on.