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summer plans

When most people say they have plans for summer, they usually mean fun vacations to exotic places or at least something that varies from their normal everyday lives. If only.

Unfortunately, at least in this case, I am not most people. My plans for summer consist of working at the college library, and taking an online business class in order to complete my minor. Oh, and, of course, preparing for my sister’s wedding. I know. It’s sounds super fun. Try not to be too jealous.

But, just to amp up the awesome a bit, I decided to add a few things to my already super exciting summer agenda. What can I say? I’m a party animal.

First off, I plan on teaching myself how to play the piano. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Are you crazy? That sounds super hard!” Well, I actually took lessons when I was younger, and I still remember some of the basics. Hopefully, everything I learned will start to come back to me as I attempt to reteach my fingers their old skill.

*For anyone who is interested, I plan on using this neat website I happened upon. It includes free piano lessons and printouts, and it has quite a fun name! Here’s the link:

Secondly, I hope to write more. Not only do I hope to write more on this blog of randomness, I also hope to work more on my fiction writing. I have so many images floating around in my head of new characters, adventures, and worlds that it’s a wonder I can focus on anything else. I desperately need practice getting these out of my head and on to paper. Or, more accurately, my computer screen.

Lastly, I have a list of DIY projects I’ve been putting off for the past few months. I’m not the most creative or crafty person in the world, but it passes the time. And I feel pretty awesome when I’ve finished. My room is filled with the projects I’ve done over the years, both big and little. For example, here’s a map I made a couple of summers ago:


Pretty awesome, right? Maybe next time I’ll share some how-to’s. For now, it’s back to my Doctor Who marathon. Happy Summer!

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better than the last

Hello all!

I’ve missed you. These last few weeks have been crazy, but now it’s Spring Break (Yay!), and I’ve found a space of time to quickly catch you up on everything that’s been going on.

First off, I am no longer a red-head. I am a brunette again. Sadness, I know. That stage of my life is over for now, but I shall come back to it again some day. Some day.

Second, my sister, Bethany, got engaged just a few days ago, and it’s been nothing but butterflies and sunshine since! Well, sort of. They’ve decided to get married in July, and I am super happy for the both of them. I’m also super happy to have been named ‘Maid of Honor,’ and I am ready for battle. Bring on the dress shopping, bachelorette party madness, and wedding planning drama!

Third, some of my sisters and I (I have a lot of sisters) are going to a Ben Rector concert next weekend, and I cannot wait! This has been in the making for months, and we have almost made it. For those of you who don’t know who Ben Rector is, he is a super fantastic singer who I’ve been wanting to see in concert for a long time. Dreams do come true! For your viewing pleasure, here’s a link to one of his videos, ya know, just to give you of a taste of his fantastic-ness. Enjoy!

And last, but not least, in April, I will be returning to the Medieval Fair (Faire?) in Norman, OK. I went last year with my sister, Shannon, and some of our friends, and it was so much fun. There was a jousting tournament, knife throwing (which I didn’t participate in due to my fear of accidental murder), horses, princess hats, and dragons.

Me getting a taste of the knight life. I don’t think I’m cut out for it.

I also bought an awesome dagger. This year I am going with a much larger crowd of my people. The more the merrier, right? I am so excited! I shall conquer my fears and throw that knife! Apologies in advance to those poor workers. Nerds unite!