About This Blog

If you have found yourself on this page, it is because you have no idea what this blog is about, and you would like to know.

Well, unlike many other blogs, my blog isn’t about any one particular topic like health, or crafts, or cooking, etc… Rather, as my tagline says, this blog is “the (mis)adventures of a twenty something.” That is to say that I’ll be writing about a bunch of different topics: books, music, baking, travel, crafts, and, of course, my journey into adulthood. I started this blog as a way to work on my writing (outside of school) and put myself out there. And hopefully, ya know, get a smile out of you. Maybe just a smirk?

Anyway, you may also be wondering why I chose “silos and typewriters” as my blog name. You may be thinking “What? That makes no sense? Why would she make that her blog name?” Well, if you grew up in western Oklahoma, like I did, you know that silos are a fairly common sight. If you don’t know what a silo is, remember this: Google is your friend. As for the other bit: I’m a writer, and I like vintage things. Simple as that. And it’s random and awesome, like me.

But the best way to found out what this blog is really about is to go read it, instead of just reading about it. Go on, now!


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