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watching and waiting

This past year has been one to remember. Really, it has. My sister got engaged, married, and moved to the City  within a 5 month period. (Super fun. Not stressful at all.) And, I also started my senior year at college. Just three more months, and I am free. Again, not stressful at all. (Am I fooling you?)

Okay, so not a lot has happened, but what did happen was pretty big. I had some pretty big, life-changing moments going on this past year. And, there are many more to come.

With everything that’s changed, and everything that’s yet to change, I’ve found myself becoming more and more nostalgic. It’s hard for me not to miss the way things used to be. When you’re the youngest of ten children, growing up can be…hard. I’ve spent the last fourteen years of my life watching the people I love slowly leave. Now, I’m all alone in a house that used to be bursting with life.

Rather tragic really.

As fate would have it, today’s “October photo challenge” was “baby picture.” So, of course, pouring over the literally hundreds of photos my mother has collected over the years brought more than a few memories. I didn’t get teary-eyed or anything, cause I love not having to share a room, but it did make me miss my happy childhood. Especially now, as I enter the next, possibly the most important, chapter of my adult life. Which is kind of terrifying.

But, not only do I miss the people who have left me behind, I’m also a bit jealous. I’m on the edge of a precipice, one I’ve watched so many people jump off of. But I can’t follow them. Not yet. I have to wait.

But, I’m almost there.


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