so many books, so little time

Every year, as a sort of New Years Resolution, I make a list of books that I fully intend on reading that year. Sadly, most of the books on the new list are the exact same as the ones on the list from the year before. Although I read as often as I can, what with school, work, and other “adult responsibilities,” I’m constantly adding new books to my list, causing the books that have been on my reading list for ages get pushed back and forgotten. At least, until the New Year rolls around again. I’m also guilty of reading and re-reading the books I already know by heart when I should be reading new books. It’s a problem. It really is.

But, this year I am determined to cross some of those seemingly permanent books off of my reading list. You’d think it would be a breeze for a book-a-holic like myself, considering there are only twenty-five books on this years attempt for mental expansion (Sorry. I was trying to be fancy. It didn’t work, did it?). However, it is also my senior year of college, and I’m sure to be busy with lots of homework and trying not to fail my last two semesters. And, frankly, books can be quite distracting. They suck me in like the creepy television in the Poltergeist sucks in that little girl. Except, I’m not sucked into some far-off dimensional space filled with slimy ghosts. The far-off dimensional space I’m pulled into is much more pleasant. Nonetheless, it’s quite a trick trying to pull myself back into the world of class readings, grammar homework, and term papers. However, I will do my best to balance these two worlds.

For those of you who are curious about which books I plan on reading, or are looking for a book to read yourself, you can find them, with their authors, below:

2016 Reading List!

  • All Groan Up: Searching for Self, Faith, and a Freaking Job! (Paul Angone)

         Considering the impending doom of my not-so-distant future of self-dependency, this       book seems wildly appropriate to add to my list. Also, I’ve heard that the author has a humor sarcastic enough to match my own. We’ll see.

  • Mansfield Park (Jane Austen)

          What can I say? It’s a classic. It’s also the only the only Jane Austen novel I have yet to read. It’s also been on my reading list for quite a while.

  • The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (L. Frank Baum)

          I grew up watching the movie with the creepy munchkins and the oddly pink fairy woman. How much weirder can the book be?

  • Agnes Grey (Anne Bronte)
  • City of Bones (Mortal Instruments #1) (Cassandra Clare)

          After hearing so much hype about these books from the internet, I thought I might as well give it a shot. I mean, I’m not too old to be reading a book about a bunch of teenagers, am I? (Oh, and, in case you were wondering, I’m already on the sixth and final book. What can I say?)

  • The Ocean at the End of the Lane (Neil Gaiman)
  • Wives and Daughters (Elizabeth Gaskell)
  • The Fault in Our Stars (John Green)

           Considering how much I cried at this movie, I’m pretty sure the pages of this book are going to be ruined by the time I finish it.

  • Lenten Lands: My Childhood with Joy Davidman and C. S. Lewis (Douglas Gresham)
  • From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler (E. L. Konisburg)

           I remember listening to my sister reading this out loud to me when I was a child. I can’t wait to read it for myself. Who hasn’t wondered what it would be like to live in a museum?

  • Go Set A Watchman (Harper Lee)
  • Out of the Silent Planet (Space Trilogy #1) (C. S. Lewis)
  • The Screwtape Letters (C. S. Lewis)
  • Kiss of Deception (Remnant Chronicles #1) (Mary E. Pearson)

           Have you started to notice how many of these books are the first in a series? I may have a dilemma. Ah, well.

  • Phantastes (George MacDonald)
  • Rainbow Valley, Rilla of Ingleside, and The Road to Yesterday (L. M. Montgomery)

           These three novels are the last in the world of Anne of Green Gables and have been patiently waiting to be read since I was in high school.

  • As Sure as the Dawn (Mark of the Lion Trilogy, #3) (Francine Rivers)
  • Lineage of Grace Series (Francine Rivers)
  • The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (Mary Ann Shaffer)

            My favorite kind of society.

  • Dracula (Bram Stoker)
  • Ballet Shoes (Noel Streatfield)
  • The Silmarillion (J. R. R. Tolkien)

            Now, this one is the big kahuna (that’s a saying, right?). This book has been on my reading list for so long I can’t remember when I originally added it on. I’m both dreading and anticipating finally reading it.

  • Mr. Bliss (J. R. R. Tolkien)

I don’t know about you, but I think that this seems like a pretty fantastic reading list. Now, off I go. Au revoir, my fellow book lovers!


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