something to be thankful for

Yes, I know that Thanksgiving is over. The leftover turkey is dwindling, the little figurines of pilgrims have been replaced by a Santa Claus, and the air is filled with Christmas carols. Thanksgiving came and went so quickly that part of me wonders if it ever happened at all. It was a whirlwind of crazy (but lovable) children, laughter, impromptu singing, and stuffing ourselves silly with turkey, mashed potatoes, and pie. Although it did leave me sick (yes, I have another cold) and exhausted for the last few weeks of class, I loved every minute of it.

However, I realized today that I never got to share with you all what I am thankful for. So, I am going to stop for a minute, pretend like it’s still November and do a bit of sharing. Instead of listing the obvious things I am thankful for, such as family, friends, food, clothing, and shelter, I thought I would list thirty silly things that I am thankful for. We all have those random things that make us happy. It’s a part of who we are. But, it’s easy to forget to be thankful for those little luxuries. So without further ado, here is something to be thankful for…

  1. Rainy days
  2. Oklahoma wind
  3. The moon and the stars
  4. Books
  5. Music
  6. Bathtubs (Who doesn’t love a good bubble bath?)
  7. Candles
  8. Twinkle lights
  9. Snow days
  10. Homemade cookies
  11. Cozy blankets
  12. Sleep
  13. Imagination and creativity
  14. British accents
  15. Dangly earrings
  16. Netflix
  17. Neatly wrapped presents
  18. Cheesecake
  19. Hot chocolate
  20. Scarves
  21. Record players
  22. Fairy stories
  23. Whipped cream
  24. French fries
  25. Magic wardrobes
  26. Puns
  27. Flowers
  28. Random dancing
  29. Christmas songs (Bing Crosby, anyone?)
  30. Toe socks

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